One voice, one cello & A mad Belgian

Great new project I’m working on in London, with the fantastic Rupert Gillett on cello (and more).

Rupert Gillett is a cello player/singer/songwriter/improviser. He delves into jazz, rock, folk, pop and more on the cello, while at the same time singing songs about robots, space invaders, bogey men and other serious issues of the day. Rupert also plays with a variety of ensembles such as Dai & the Ramblers and the London Klezmer Quartet, and pops up now and again on BBC radio and television.

But most importantly, he is a fantastic, versatile musician, and writes beautiful songs. His world is odd and wonderful and groovy and moving. An absolute must!

If you don’t know it yet, you should. We are playing regularly in and around London.

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  • Chewie

    28th May 2019

    A reply from Ian


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