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A quick overview of my main projects

Back together!

This week, “A mad Belgian” suggests you look at this video: finally in the same country!

Quarantine Session 10

Ten weeks already! Well this week we thought we’d share with you a lovely song Rupert wrote a while ago, which seems particularly relevant these days…

Quarantine session 7 — The Mathematician

Brand new song with “One Voice, One Cello and A mad Belgian”, dedicated to all geeky mathematicians in the world. #maths #tbbt #thebigbandtheory #onevoiceonecello #onevoiceonecelloandamadbelgian #amadbelgian

Shiva & Close encounter

Today in “A mad Belgian”, learn a bit more about Shiva and discover a great song about aliens! Who could ask for anything more?

Close encounter

How many of you know what “A close encounter of the second kind” is (apart from this awesome song by Rupert Gillett)? The 11th person to pm me the right answer wins a CD! (No googling, we trust you…)

One voice, one cello & A mad Belgian

Great new project I’m working on in London, with the fantastic Rupert Gillett on cello (and more). Rupert Gillett is a cello player/singer/songwriter/improviser. He delves into jazz, rock, folk, pop and more on the cello, while at the same time singing songs about robots, space invaders,…


My own project. Uživati, a jazz/folk trio (soprano sax, piano, double bass). Chamber music for jazz lovers. Centred mainly around my own compositions, which we arrange collectively, it’s a mellifluous and surprising project. Our style varies greatly from one tune to the next, yet the uniformity,…


Le 17 mars 2016, Léo et Camille sont arrivés chez moi. On ne s’était pour ainsi dire jamais rencontré. On habitait loin les uns des autres. Et pourtant, on a voulu tenter le coup: mélanger la harpe celtique, le sax soprano et les percus. Mélanger le…